2 weeks ago

Center in Exile

Hanging at the aptly named Superior Sound Studios with producer Jim Wirt, new Stella Records signing Birds in the Boneyard and programmer Javier and Tim Moon.😃 ...

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1 month ago

Center in Exile

United in Rock. United in Sci-Fi.Wednesday, May 22 @ the Grog Shop. A night of cosmic salvation awaits! All humans are welcome! (Cassarians need not apply... you guys know why). Rock and roll will not perish, not on our watch! #lotuspedal #centerinexile #garyducanay ...

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3 months ago

Center in Exile

UPDATE: Forging the Cenex Era! New Album. New Movie. New Shows coming! ...

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7 months ago

Center in Exile

Pat met one of our major inspirations this weekend, Erich von Däniken! #chariotsofthegods #erinnerungenamdiezukunft #wheresregis ...

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The Center In Exile: Music

Our first four songs are now available for download in the Merch section. The songs were all recorded at our Safehouse studio and mastered by Dale Peters of the James Gang. Had a great time doing these tracks!

Album Art

The Center In Exile: Who are we?

Full circle. Some may think saying "we've come full circle" is just a nice way of glossing over that you never really have gotten anywhere. We’d have to admit we've actually gone backwards in over three years of disaster and hardship. And though we now operate in greatly reduced circumstances, we’ve found that going back to the fundamentals can still yield results. And we learned when you rejoin forces with someone you’ve known for long time, you combine what each has learned individually while reestablishing the wavelength along which you communicated before musically. So here we are, cut off from the rest of our colleagues, operating completely covert, but convinced the greatest findings yet are before us.
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The Center In Exile: YouTube Channel Coming Soon!

"The Scientific League seemed more than pleased with our progress, having featured our work (at least the non-classified portion) in some of the leading journals. The auspicious feeling seemed to climax with our most successful presentation of findings, Project R. As you may recall, the first half of the event was based on a signal from distant space. Our new (at the time) in house computer, provided by DARPA and known to colleagues simply as the OK Computer, designated the signal only as “The Radiohead.” Once the signals were decompressed and converted we had a tonal series to try live with the now ready to go instruments."


The replicants that tried to kill us a while back are now much better behaved. Watch the new footage of our unveilin...


Our visit to the Scientific League! Catch what happened when we journeyed to present our latest findings here.


Submarine training is a go! Here Chris and I prepare to board the John McEnroe, a research and training vessel...